The film Bille broadcasted to high school students

This week, one of the Latvian centenary film “Bille” was shown to the 4th – 6th grade students at the French school Jules Verne of Riga in cooperation with the project “Latvijas skolas soma”.

Students watched the film with interest, asking questions, engaging in discussions, later discussing film events with their parents at home. The behavior of Bill’s mother, as well as the difficult situation of the Latvian economy in the film, was unintelligible to children, as both the parents and teachers of the children had emphasized that period of rule under K. Ulmanis was a very good time of Latvia.

Also, the children were very interested in the value of money – the time when Bille and Ausma enjoyed rides with a carousel and eat so much of ice cream and other sweets for only 2 lats. Many students are also surprised by something as simple as cutting  butter with  a wire or children playing in the yard and and walikg in the city barefoot.

The children were keen to know what the sheep fat composition is, if it can block the sink as shown in the film. School`s administration and teachers feel that the film is not just an entertaining material, but is definitely an educational and informative material.