According to the rules of Cabinet of Ministers No.709 Regulations regarding the methodology for determining costs and the procedures by which the municipality, in accordance with the average costs determined by it, covers the costs of a pre-school education programme for a private educational institution, children aged 1,5 years to the beginning of primary education may apply for the granting of municipality co-financing from the beginning of primary education.

The municipality support for one child is determined in such an amount that corresponds to the average costs for one educatee specified in the municipality of the declared place of residence of the child for the implementation of the pre-school educational programme of the municipality.

Municipality support shall not be granted for days when a child does not attend the educational institution for no justifiable reason. In this case, the municipality support shall be calculated in proportion to the number of days of the absence.

The following shall be considered as a valid reason:

  • the absence of the child due to the state of health, as attested by a statement issued by the doctor
  • planned absence, total of not more than 60 days during the calendar year prior to which the legal representative of the child has informed the educational institution in writing.