The college celebrates Halloween before the holidays

It was a little early, but very motivated, that CM2 and high school students celebrated Halloween on Wednesday, October 24. In a school entirely decorated with pumpkins and cobwebs, a strange and disturbing parade has taken place… The day was punctuated by a costume contest and a giant Trivial Pursuit, all under a shower of candy. A … Continue Reading


A successful football tournament for the college

On Saturday, October 6, the Jules Verne College football team participated in its first tournament of the year. On the the grounds of the School 49, the nine players from the 6e, 5e and 4e  proudly defended the school’s colours. Under a beautiful sun and in a good atmosphere, they finished second. A performance that … Continue Reading


Discovering the Latvian Parliament

This Friday, the students of the Jules Verne school visited the Saeima, the Latvian Parliament. After studying how Parliament works in the classroom, the students were able to discover for themselves the heart of Latvian power. A rather memorable visit, which could give ideas to some CM2, who will soon be voting for their delegates…. … Continue Reading


Back to school !



We are proud to announce that our 5° is now accredited by french Ministry of Education. Next Step : 4° and 3° ! Happy Holidays !


European day of Music and End-of-Year party!

Thursday 21th of June, it is the European day of Music and we couldn’t miss it. Even more, it is the best reason to say “see you soon” for this academic year and finish it singing, playing instruments and dancing. That is why yesterday the school and Pablo Zárraga, the Spanish teacher, invited his band: … Continue Reading


Visit to the Resto-Rators Catering

From the begining of the last period, the students are working about nutrition and learning how to get a good diet. On this way, the students from CM1-CM2 have been received by our catering Resto-Rators in the Piazza Italiana kitchen so they could cook a meal: bolognaise pasta! Among vegetables, meat and cereals, the students … Continue Reading


Library volunteers at Stabu School!

From May, the library organises a workshop volunteering to a representative from CM1, CM2 and Collège. With this initiative the representative students may learn how to manage the library: organising books, catalog with hibouthèque system and control the lending. There are many things to learn in a library, first step: the value of literature culture. … Continue Reading


Visit to the Opera (by the students)

The 13th June, Collège classes, we have gone to the Opera of Riga. We have visited the stage and we have seen a dancing rehearsal, as well as the orchestra and the choir. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to see the artists costumes because they were moved to a new place that morning. We … Continue Reading


Visit to Adaži

CM1 and CM2 students have made a virtual tour around Adaži factory and they have cook some chips themself!