Why enroll your child in Jules Verne Riga French School?

• Benefit from a unique global school network in the world:
In 2014: 490 educational institutions in more than 135 countries. 330,000 students with an average of 60% foreign and 40% French students. Every year 14,000 students graduate French institutions abroad.
• Benefit from pre-school programs – a specialty of the French school system.
• Benefit of early learning of French language already in pre-school.
• Enroll your child regardless of age at the same institution.
• Offer to your children, besides learning French, learning of Latvian culture and language, according to the requirements of the Latvian educational system.
• Allow it to learn Russian and English.
• Benefit from the after-school activities proposed by the School at the end of the day and on Wednesday afternoon: music, art, chess, dance, sports, Russian language, English language.