With the support of the Embassy of France in Latvia, Jules Verne Riga French School opened its doors in September 2007 and earned the status of independent school in September 2010. In 2011 the School joined the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). Jules Verne Riga French School is the only school in Latvia, which is recognized by both the French Ministry of National Education and the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science. A high level of education is guaranteed through the provision of all education by teachers who are native speakers of French. The School implements the French education programs for pre-school and elementary school. The School’s philosophy puts the future success of its students at its center, especially that of non-French speaking students.

School offers mid-grade students (age 11 to 15) the possibility to continue their studies at the French School through the officially recognized French distance learning program in cooperation with the National Centre for Distance Education (CNED).

Jules Verne Riga French School is managed by an association of parents of students APECEF (Association des Parents d`Élèves des Classes d`Enseignement en Français).

Why enroll your child in Jules Verne Riga French School?

• Benefit from a unique global school network in the world:
In 2014: 490 educational institutions in more than 135 countries. 330,000 students with an average of 60% foreign and 40% French students. Every year 14,000 students graduate French institutions abroad.
• Benefit from pre-school programs – a specialty of the French school system.
• Benefit of early learning of French language already in pre-school.
• Enroll your child regardless of age at the same institution.
• Offer to your children, besides learning French, learning of Latvian culture and language, according to the requirements of the Latvian educational system.
• Allow it to learn Russian and English.
• Benefit from the after-school activities proposed by the School at the end of the day and on Wednesday afternoon: music, art, chess, dance, sports, Russian language, English language.