Visit to Adaži

CM1 and CM2 students have made a virtual tour around Adaži factory and they have cook some chips themself!


Babyfoot and skipping rope Championships!

From the beginning of May, the spring season for “housing championships” has started in Stabu. The first event to open has been the babyfoot championship. During four weeks we have lived very exciting matches and now the tournament is getting to the end. The final is ready and next week we will know the winner! The … Continue Reading


Good weather! Better for us!

The sun is with us and we take it for sure! Stabu students from CM1, CM2 profited to make a bicycle tour in Mezaparks and Collège went to visit the ethnographic museum and his great forest. Approaching Nutare is part of the education!  


CM1 and CM2 pick up their poetry award!

The CM1 and CM2 students have visited the French Institute to pick up a certificate which rewerds their first position in the poetry competition. In addition, the students have received the opportunity to visit a minehunter vessel as a gift to the great work! Congratulations for the rewerd!  


Poetry competition

Last Friday CM1 and CM2 students have performed their poetry competition. The kids had the opportunity to recite their works and at the end the awards were decided. We have great poets in the school !  


Visit to the Fire Station!

CM1 / CM2 students have visited the Fire Station to know how it works and how the firemen live their work in the day-a-day. We had the chance to know the building, the trucks, the tools and different stories/experiences told by a fireman commander. The students understood the most important message from firemen: “When you … Continue Reading


Visit to the Embassy of France

CM1 and CM2 classes have visited the Embassy of France to know the building and how it works. This “old hotel”, which became the Embassy in 1991, has a lot of History around the French and Latvian relations and our students had the opportunity to find it out.    


Visit to the National Bank of Latvia

24th January 2018, 6th grade class visited the interactive exhibition of the National Bank of Latvia. The Knowledge Centre “Money World” is an interactive financial education and information centre for everyone interested in the monetary policy, currency circulation and history of money. This is an exhibition where the information stands are complemented by multimedia resources, … Continue Reading


The little chefs in Patversmes

Every last Thursday of each month MS-GS and CP classes cook original and varied recipes with their moms. Today, Tuesday 12th December, we have cooked traditional cookies for christmas : Piperkikas ! With this we learn how  to spread the batter with a rolling pin, cut it with a cookie cutter and decorate the cookies … Continue Reading


Christmas Show !

Thursday 7th December, Jules Verne School set his Christmas Show in the Latvian Noatianal Library Hall, in attendance of her Excellency, the French Ambassador in Latvia. All the children and their parents have been engaged in this event plenty of colour and happiness. Of course, Santa Claus was there too. The children are very thankful … Continue Reading