The small chefs in Patversmes!

Last Thursdays of each month, the three MS-GS grades cook seasonal products with the moms of their class. Today, Thursday 19th October, they have freshly picked apples! So they will learn to peel, cut, pour, mix and knead all kind of ingredients (flour, butter, flake, oat, sugar, cinnamon, …) A delight!


Clubs in Stabu

After-school activities are running in Stabu since mid-September : Plastic arts, Spanish, Russian and Science. These activities take place from Monday to Thursday :


Swimming at Jules Verne School

The sport education has an important role in the Jules Verne School of Riga. This discipline takes completely part in the pedagogical project spanning all his dimensions in order to develop the student’s necessities. From September, under the EPS (Education Physique et Sportive) programme, the school students profit one hour of swimming per week.


Visit to the library of the French Institute of Latvia

11th October, accompanied by the French teacher Anna Robelin, the students from 5th grade have visited the library of the French Institute in order to understand and discover how it works. They had the opportunity to read and borrow some books. The library index is free for those who are learning French. Dear parents, think … Continue Reading


First football match between Jules Verne School (CJV) and International School of Latvia (ISL)!

Yesterday, Thursday 5th October, we lived the first sport encounter between Jules Verne School and International School of Latvia. Two matches of 40 minutes have taken place in the ISL football field. Despite the huge rain, the teams achieved to face the matches with respect and fair play.


Karlis Dambergs is granted with the National Order of Merit by the French Embassy



The School visits Survival Kit 9 exhibition !

Last Wednesday, the 6th grade school went to the contemporary art exhibition called “Survival Kit 9”. Justine Luce, art teacher, planned this visit which looked really interesting. ‘We learnt that contemporary artists consider a lot of matters about human being and nature relation’, remarked the history teacher Michelle Moureau.       Another artist has … Continue Reading


The new Stabu’s gym!

Last Friday 15th September, under the supervision of sport teacher Daniel, the high school students have inaugurated the new gym for Stabu establishment. This area will allow the students to develop a wide range of sport activities. The sport spirit is here!   


Democracy on the move in Stabu !

Democracy on the move in Stabu ! For the election of the delegates of each class, the kids are very involved. As politicians, our aspiring candidates sell their ideas and programs : posters, speeches, votes  ! Place for democracy.


The new library in Stabu Street is waiting for you!

From the first academic day, the library is into full activity in Stabu School and it receives plenty of students every day. From this week, the library is ready for those who want to borrow a book. These are some of the different genres you can find: •   Novels, fairy tales, short stories, comics, poetry. … Continue Reading